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About Us

Welcome to Next Door Tech Solutions

Our Mission Statement

This company started as a result of listening to two of my friends complain about how they had to make time to get tech support, not only drive out of their way, but also pay huge amounts for basic services.
We believe that technology should not be a luxury in this age, and are dedicated to assist our customers with getting the best product to fit their budget without settling for average!
We never walk into a situation pretending we know better than you, and we’ll always be there to assess and provide the support we know you deserve!

Our Core Values


We apply the highest standards of excellence to our services and cater in the best interests of our customers.


We encourage our employees to be creative and offer them the best advices.
We support our agents and assist them with their projects in line with the core values of the company.


Contribute positively to our community and our environment.


We provide our customers and our community with the most accurate information attainable.

Customer Satisfaction

We consider the customer in all our decisions.
We want to build long-term customer relationships.
We always treat our customers with care.


We recognize that profitability is essential to our future success.

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